2021: Is this the start of a bull market? webinar 2021年会是牛市的起始吗?

2021: Is this the start of a bull market? webinar 2021年会是牛市的起始吗?

On 16.01.2021, we conducted a webinar entitled “2021: Is this the start of a bull market?” via Zoom. It was also carried live on Facebook, our first live broadcast. The webinar was conducted in Mandarin.

We are privileged to have Mr. Teoh Kok Lin and Mr. Peter Lim Tze Cheng to share their valuable insights and analysis of the stock market in year 2021. The Q&A session was moderated by our Litigation Practice Group partner, Mr. Kee Tong Kiak.

The speakers have answered numerous queries by the audiences, ranging from self-driving electric vehicles, packaging sector, 5G ecosystem, US-China trade war, solar energy , hydrogen fuel cell and etc.

The webinar attracted approximately 56 participants on Zoom and around 170 participants on Facebook. The recorded Facebook video has subsequently reached 2,000 views in a week.

It was an insightful webinar and we look forward to have more in the future!



我们于2021年1月16日通过Zoom举办了一场以华语为媒介语的线上研讨会, 题为“2021年会是牛市的起始吗?”。该研讨会也在面子书直播。这是我们首次的线上直播。






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