Gotong Royong at Wings Melaka

Gotong Royong at Wings Melaka


In celebration of the firm’s 40th anniversary, the firm had organised a “gotong-royong” event at Wings Melaka to help clean up the premises and its surrounding compound before the commencement of the new school term. Wings Melaka is a non-profit organization that the firm supports. It is a centre established in 1997 to provide care and support for special needs children. It operates in Shellabear Hall which was built in 1926. The aim of this event is in line with the firm’s mission statement: to uplift the social well-being of our community.
On the eventful day, all team members involved quickly dug into work after sharing a hearty breakfast at Shellabear Hall. Each team member was designated with tasks such as cleaning the ground floor of the premises, trimming the tree branches, mowing the lawn, clearing the dried leaves and etc. The team members worked hard for hours, with jolly banter and laughter punctuating the silence every so often, and their efforts gradually paid off as Wings Melaka steadily grew spotless.

The activities carried out that day was vastly different from the firm’s usual paperwork, but the completion of the tasks was just as satisfactory, if not more. When the team members finally called it a day, each went home with a tired body but a full heart.

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