Corporate & Commercial

We have broad and extensive experience in providing commercially viable legal solutions to major institutional clients. We focus on assisting clients in establishing corporate structures which enhance their competitive edge.


Having been actively involved in many major corporate exercises, we understand that our clients have to make high stake commercial decisions within an often compressed time frame. As such, we provide timely and sound advice to our clients which integrates legal requirements with commercial considerations.

We also provide legal solutions to companies which are interested in seeking listing on Bursa Malaysia via Initial Public Offering or reverse take-over and assist our clients in meeting the stringent regulatory requirements in listing exercises.


Our innovative and practical solutions are tailored to help our clients grow their business.

Disposal, Merger and Acquisition

Corporate Restructuring and Exercise

Group Head:Le Wat Su
Partners:Toh Seow Lan
Kee Tong Kiak
Ng Swee Chyn
Tam Liling
Amanda Law Jia Yi
Chartered Secretary:Jennifer Gunn
Team Members:7 persons